Monthly Archive: July 2018


How to pick the perfect carpet colour

Your carpet should last for years, so it is important to get the colour right. Image Credit Colour considerations First, eliminate the colours you hate. Try to stay on trend, but not too cutting...


How to make an authentic risotto

Risotto is a seemingly simple dish to make, but it can be quite a challenge. A true risotto should not be over-complicated. The classic Risotto Milanese only has two additional ingredients, which are saffron...


Be Happy, Play Sport

We all know that exercise and playing sport is great for us physically. Did you know that engaging in sport is actually good for your mind as well? Participating in any kind of sporting...


Why Choose Gemwood?

Gemwoods Hardwood flooring comes in two varieties: engineered and solid. Solid is the most common choice and best suited for higher-grade installations. It consists of one-piece boards that are generally nailed to a sub-floor.  Most...

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