Monthly Archive: December 2018


Oriental Secrets of Hair Care

From time immemorial oriental beauties have accumulated the huge collection of means to care for body, face and hair. And all these cosmetic means can give any ultra-modern cosmetics odds. Under the veil, as...


How to Improve Your Hair Condition

Lustrous locks of hair make appealing even a plain girl. Although there is no magic way to improve hair condition, here are some simple hair care tips that will help you obtain good results....


Providing Birds with a Winter Haven

With Christmas just around the corner, we can all safely say that winter has finally arrived. Whilst we are all spending time with putting up our Christmas trees, Christmas shopping and cooking mountains of...


Five more ways to refresh your interior

Want to know what trends are inspiring interior designers and how to do them yourself in a way that won’t cost a lot? Here are five ways you could be refreshing your interior without...


What is a cavity?

Nobody wants to have cavities, but what are they and how can you prevent them from occurring? They are a common mouth problem and lead to pain, discomfort and even tooth loss if not...

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