Monthly Archive: March 2022


Superdry Menswear – Men Clothes That Are Built To Last

Superdry Menswear is a Global brand whose HQ is based in Cheltenham.  It sells primarily men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. The brand is named after the company’s founder, who chose to open the...


How to jerk off before working out?

It’s a fact: You don’t want to jerk off before working out. That’s right—you’re going to have a harder time getting in shape if you’re distracted by your erection. But what if you were...


Formal vs. smart casual wear in the office

Professional employees otherwise known as “white collared workers” usually dress very smart in neutral coloured formal wear. Suits are the norm in the UK and most people in professional office jobs are required to...


Frequent household electrical issues to look out for

Repeatedly tripping circuit breaker Circuit breakers are modern day avatars of the fuse boxes in older homes. As the name suggests, circuit breakers break the flow of electric current (thereby cutting off the supply)...

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