Author: Jazmin


How to Make the most of Your Retirement

Getting to retirement is a real achievement and for many people, something that they have been looking forward to for a while! It is your chance to relax and enjoy life. It is also...


What is a spa day?

Spa days are great for pampering yourself. You can get treatments like massage, manicure, or pedicure. They usually last about three hours and include lunch or dinner that will give you more energy for...


The hidden treasure of the Garage

The Garage has been the source of much mystery and suspense in many films and television shows. What is it about this small ignored building sulking in rows and ready to be opened? Maybe...


What Common Foods Can Make You Ill?

There are many foods that can make you ill, but you must be very careful of what you eat if you want to stay healthy. It is not a good idea to assume that...

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