Author: Jazmin


Properties with a garage add value

House prices and the value property has never been more important.  Our economy is very much based on the development of the housing market.  Not only is it a sign of how prosperous the...


How to grow a business

Although giving businesses time to progress and spark interest can be the correct path to grow them, there are many other ways to boost your brand on your own terms. With the right drive,...


What is a JBSP (joint borrower sole proprietor) mortgage?

Despite house prices continuing to fall since peaking in August of last year, UK property prices remain at an all-time high in relation to average income. For many first-time buyers, this makes taking that...


The Inclusion of an Egg on a Traditional Seder Plate

Seder, meaning ‘order’, marks the beginning of Passover, when families come together after nightfall to enjoy a service consisting of stories, blessings, prayers, discussions, and a banquet. Seder is observed by Jewish people across...


Ideas for Creative Crochet blankets

Getting started When you want to get cosy, nothing beats snuggling up underneath a big, comfy blanket that you’ve made yourself. If that sounds great but you’re not sure where to start, check out...

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