Monthly Archive: December 2017


Know Your Sewing Vocabulary

Sewing and dressmaking are wonderful hobbies that give a great sense of accomplishment when you produce something unique and personal. Whatever stage of experience you’re at, a basic understanding of sewing vocabulary will be...


12 creative businesses for artistic entrepreneurs

Who has said that starting your own business has to be boring? Now there are more possibilities than ever to start creative businesses with which fun is guaranteed. These companies are not only innovative...


Nail Care for Beautiful Nails

To look beautiful hands is very important to pay special attention to nail care for beautiful nails.  Hands are, in many cases, a letter of introduction. Your appearance says a lot about the lifestyle...


How to get a flat stomach

Stomach fat is very rebellious and eliminating it is something that seems impossible to the naked eye. But when we see the cases of people who reduced the volume of their stomach in a...


How to make a Christmas pillow

It is the time of year when hanging tinsel and arranging baubles is sometimes simply not enough, but a new festive pillow? Yes, that will do it! Instead of trawling the shops to find...


Top home gadgets for 2018

Technology is being driven by smaller, smarter, connected devices. Here are some of the gadgets you’ll be using soon. Image Credit Chef ovens Although ovens with pre-set “cooking programs” have been available for a...

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