Monthly Archive: February 2020


How to brighten up your wedding decorations

It is becoming a more popular trend to have homemade elements at your wedding. Some people are opting for doing their own arrangements for the tables, centrepieces and wedding favours. There are of course...


Six Exterior Home Maintenance Tips

The exterior of your home suffers from the extremities of the harshest weather conditions and so can be prone to dirt, grime and moss in addition to general wear and tear. Follow these six...


Decorating a high ceiling

When a home has lots of space but it’s vertical, it can feel like that space is just wasted. However, high ceilings are wonderful for making a space feel luxurious and grand, although not...


How To Tell If Your Car Battery Is Dead

A dead battery can leave your vehicle stuck on the side of the road or in a parking lot. While this inconvenience may seem like it came without warning, there are some subtle signs...


How to get rid of crane flies

If you spy on what looks like a giant mosquito spinning around your garden or hurtling around the back porch light, don’t panic – it’s just a crane fly. During the summer, adult crane...

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