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How to reheat smoked turkey

For many people, the favorite part of a turkey meal is the next day’s leftovers. Turkey sandwiches, ground turkey, soup turkey, and sliced ​​turkey with hot sauce are crowd-pleasers. Smoked turkeys are cooked by...


Types of green tea

Meet the different kinds of green tea. Gunpowder, Sencha, Kokeicha, Bancha, Mao Feng, Kukicha, Hojicha, Pi Lo Chun, Gyokuro Asashi and Matcha. There are many types of green tea. There are many varieties of...


10 typical thanksgiving dishes

There are great special celebrations, where the family meets and are accompanied with a great dinner, Thanksgiving Day is one of them, in which in North America it seeks to remember when the English...


Irish coffee dessert, to suck your fingers

It is worth noting that the cuisine in Ireland is delicious not only for the quality of its typical foods that you can try as Irish stew, boxty, bacon cabbage, Dublin coddle soup, but...

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