Monthly Archive: February 2019

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Four memorable vintage wedding themes

People tend to prefer the ultra-modern in many aspects of life, from cars and gadgets to home design. However, when it comes to occasions such as weddings, the traditional and the vintage remain strongly...


Tips for Perfect Cakes

To make your stay perfect cakes, as is seen in magazines, follows exactly the recipe and keep in mind these tips. Sometimes your cake is not perfect, for not leave enough time to cool...


Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

Discuss the wedding photos that you want to copy the hairstyle can feel like a full time job, especially when you’re not sure which wedding hair styles will work best for you dress or...


Wardrobe Essentials for College Women

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to NEC Online or Boston University – having the right getup for your outings with friends and lovers is crucial for a college woman. Your wardrobe is a...

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