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The Inclusion of an Egg on a Traditional Seder Plate

Seder, meaning ‘order’, marks the beginning of Passover, when families come together after nightfall to enjoy a service consisting of stories, blessings, prayers, discussions, and a banquet. Seder is observed by Jewish people across...


Ideas for Creative Crochet blankets

Getting started When you want to get cosy, nothing beats snuggling up underneath a big, comfy blanket that you’ve made yourself. If that sounds great but you’re not sure where to start, check out...


How to protect your garage from water

Garages are often only made of a single skin construction which means they can be susceptible to effects from the weather. This can then mean that items that are stored in your garage can...


A Quick and Easy Guide to Tying Waist Beads

The way you look changes a lot when you wear waist beads. Waist beads are a big deal in the fashion world because they can do everything from making you look slimmer to make...


Creating the Perfect Extension for your Home

If you have decided that your home needs some more space, then you may well be considering adding an extension. Taking your time to plan is essential when you are doing this, as adding...


How to organise your wardrobe

The start of a new season is a great time to look through your wardrobe and your clothes in general to see what items you might want to part ways with. This could mean...

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